Scottish WTS

Open Trial



(Kindly sent in by Jackie Hilton)

TD Stake Judge Fay Rae

1st Jackie Dykes with Jummly Jooh CDex UDex WDex Q 213 1/2

2nd Jdith Stamp with Briony Beccadoon CDex UDex NQ

3rd Jackie Hilton with Tallygold Pattertwig CDex UDex  NQ

4th Alan Durie with Schoolhouse Miss Der Nina NQ

WD stake Judge Hilary Hirst

1st Sue Cole with Zawspring White Lightning CDex UDex  Q 188

UD Stake Judge Elaine Barr 

1st Alan McGregor with Fiorghlan's Blue Light CDex Q 185

2nd Alison Robertson with Forguecroft Fiesty Lady Q 182 1/2

3rd Pat Parkinson with Janjelly Bubbles NQ

4th Miya Guo with Mawddach Lali CDex NQ

CD Stake

1st Alison Robertson with Forguecroft Fiesty Lady NQ