Southern Alsatian Training Society

Championship Trial

Beachy Head

27th - 30 May 2015


(Kindly sent in by Sharon Carter)

 TD Stake  Judge: Sharon Carter

26 entered, 24 worked, 8 completed the track, 5 qualifiers

1st Shelia Tannert and WT CH Styperson Cleo and Best Track

Sheila TannertPhoto kindly supplied by Sarah Burroughes
2nd Sheren Perez and Kaeffer Kal
3rd Sarah Burroughes and Tarnedge Velvet
4th Sue Ashby and WT CH The Titan

TD only
Jill Carruthers and WT CH Vomkyna Darca

WD Stake Judge: Manda Mclellan

No Qualifiers

1st Richard Cornwell and Vomkyne Eagle
2nd Heather Hardaway and Vikkas Cruise of Burnaway
3rd Lynne Watkins and Starshot Szarka at Szikras
4th Christine Brooksby and Ravensbrook Maid

UD Stake  Judge: Lee Payne

No Qualifiers

1st Lee Lampert and Huxtable Izzy
2nd Rosie Lane and Vonlucianhan Ariee for Chaanrose

CD Stake  Judge: Lauren Marlow

4 Qualifiers

1st Christine Gregory and Thriftwood Allegra
2nd Lee Kane and Stormhaus Dashca
3rd Katherine Herbert and Barran Caltims Mac McQ
4th Adrian Quick and Middleann Dream Maker