Southern Alsatian Training Society

Open Trial

13th - 14 August 2016



PD  Judge Lauren Marlow 

1st Kevin Hill and Joyful Jenson GSD 302.5 Q

2nd Ruth Cahill and Rassau Lera of Vomkyna GSD 296 Q

3rd Joyce Tibbetts and Vonhauswolf Maud GSD 238 NQ

4th Diane Ling and Little Deben Joe 235.5 BC X GSD  NQ


CD Judge Dave Currier 

1st Julian Smith and Esoteric Dream GSD 78.5 NQ

2nd Steve Osbourne  and Avonwolf Albert Sid Mali 76.5 NQ

3rd Denise Steer and Shukkash Naamto Hades GSD 70.5 NQ

4th Jason Punyer and Pretty Little Luna 65 BC X GSD NQ


Intro Judge Frances Webb 

1st and only qualifier Angela Sanders and Miss Szuzi to Szikras XB on 81.5 marks Q

2nd Lynne Watkins and Starshot Kaelen With Szikras HWHV on 87.5 marks NQ

3rd Trina Heal and Dejaga Cuba GSD on 82 marks NQ

4th Patricia Lane and Boy of the Valleys GSD 67.5 marks NQ