(Kindly sent in by Manda Mclellan)


PD Stake

1st Xandoas Scout MALI handled by Moira Rogerson 291.5 marks Q

2nd The Cheka at Bracokeli GSD handled by Mark Lewindon 275 marks Q

3rd Shillington Jasmne MALI X GSD handled by Penny Bellis 255 marks NQ

4th Xandoas Isa MALI handled by Bill William Richardson 255 marks NQ


UD Stake

1st Helaka Adella GSD handled by Jill Carruthers 198.5 Q

2nd Estoric Dream GSD handled by Julian Smith 189.5 Q

3rd Jetril Jae GSD handled by Betty Briley 18 5.5 Q

4th Alfie Cam LAB handled by Carole Brooke 185 Q

Also qualified Stardell Lyra BC handled by Meg O'Kelly 183.5 Q

and Readeptor Active Storm GSD handled by Nicola Foskett


CD Stake

1st Bethan Blue of Kingscote BC handled by Priscilla Bayliss 89 NQ

2nd Valleywolves Aysa GSD handled by Simon Clarke 69 NQ



1st Fern Maiden at Goldark WSD handled by Sylvia Cook 94 Q

2nd Valleywolves Aysa GSD handled by Simon Clarke 91 Q

3rd Foxfold Patience GSD handled by Margaret Adams 63.5 NQ