Open Trial


17th October


INTRO.- Judge Sue Russell

1st Emily Mayer and Ha-Ha Horace of Guiltcross COM
2nd Jane Clarke and Pollgina Martrez Major NQ
3rd Averil Dongworth and Araxes Gemma NQ
4th Janette Hammer and Oskera Lyra NQ

UD - Judge Frances Webb

1st Carole Burgess and Stardell Chara @ Carolbilla NQ
2nd Sylvia Cook and Fern Maiden at Goldoak NQ
3rd Denise Steer and Shukkash Naamto Hades NQ
4th Mrs. CM Parker and Somanic Quick Silver NQ

WD - Judge Frances Webb

1st Hannah Hislop and Bonvivant Inspire COM
2nd Carole Brooke and Alfie Cam COM
3rd Stephanie Allsopp and Ashlindt Mirage NQ
4th Sue Main and Astra Tam NQ

TD - Judge Barbara Riste

1st Les Allen and Sark Luca COM
2nd Emily Mayer and Vonlucianham Anubis COM
3rd Jo Quick and Falkenwald High Places COM
4th Di Whiting and Sheltysham So Esoteric COM