Open Trial

Mark Cross, 11th August 2018 


(Kindly sent in by Manda Mclellan)

PD Stake  Judge Diane Ling

1st Adrian Quick & Falkenwald High Places GSD 245.5 NQ

2nd Joyce Tibbetts & Vonhauswolf Urika GSD 206 NQ

WD Stake   Judge Penny Bellis

1st Jane Clarke & Pollgina Martez Major Lab 188 Q

2nd Niclola Foskett & Readepter Active Storm GSD 165.5 Q

3rd Liz Hickman & Wolfhart Tamarisk GSD 179.5 NQ

4th Steve Osborne & Avonwolf Sid Mali 139.5 NQ

CD Stake  Judge Chris Theobald

1st Pam Clarke & Lupitoonz Black Phoenix WSD 78 NQ

2nd Stella Smyth Morrow Forever in Blue Jeans ACD 69 NQ

INTRO Stake  Judge Chris Theobald

1st Christine Barber & Awfyns Heart of Gold ES 68.5 NQ

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