Open Trial

Stalisfield Green. 15th-16th September


(Kindly sent in by Sharon Carter)

TD Judge Lauren Marlow

1st Mary Prentice and Triclan's Robbie NQ
2nd Sonia Collins and Lakatamia Finn NQ
3rd Joyce Tibbetts and Vonhauswolf Urika NQ
4th Dave Clark and Blade of the Glade NQ

WD Judge Sue Russell

1st Jane Clarke and Pollgina Martrez Major COM
2nd Elizabeth Hickman and Wolfhart Tamarisk COM
3rd Chris Theobald and Beverton Nan COM
4th Pam Clarke and Longhalves Summer Surprise NQ

UD Judge Sue Russell

1st Priscilla Bayliss and Bethan Blue of Kingscote COM
2nd Stan Ford and Ravenvalley Sansa COM
3rd Bob Cook and Kirk from Stenmeitz COM
4th Sylvia Cook and Fern Maiden at Goldoak NQ

Introductory Judge Don Laskey

1st Sue Atkin and Ashlindt Sorrento
2nd Sue Hay and Cicocch Lola's Beauty
3rd Lee Lampert and Moonwater Mystique