Open Trial

Mark Cross

8-11th August


(Kindly sent in by Lauren Marlow)

Introductory Stake   Judge: Judy Meekings

1st Jane Davey with Carraig China 91 1/2 Q

2nd Denise Steer with Axepak Man 85 Q

3rd Kylie Birch with Downriver Free Sprint 85 1/2 Q

4th Jennifer Bannister with Simba the Lion King 75 1/2 NQ


CD   Judge: Judy Meekings

1st Caroline Hollis with Holegyn Spotty Hooligan 75 1/2 NQ

2nd Stella Smith with Goolara Elvenstar 63 1/2 NQ

3rd Kylie Birch with Downriver Free Sprint 53 NQ


UD   Judge: Margo Brothwell

1st Mick Tustain with Vonhauswolf Voldemort 195 Q

2nd Tracy Carlick with Nicloee Lady Jodie 198 1/2 Q

3rd Len Newman with Stardell  Ennis 188 Q

4th Darren Franks with Vonhauswolf Vane 187 1/2 Q


WD  Judge Margo Brothwell

1st Janet Freeman with Pollgina Martrez Heath 188 1/2 Q

2nd John Wykes with Buddy the Bar Steward 187 1/2 Q

3rd Vic Snook with Fouranfass Recidivist 185 1/2 Q

4th Julian Smith with Esoteric Dream 183 Q


PD  Judge Les Theobald

1st Joyce Tibbetts with Vonhauswolf Urika304 Q

2nd Cath Phillips with Chocks Away Alfie 288 Q

3rd Maurice Millington with Highland Ash 271 Q

4th Stan Ford with Ravenvalley Sansa 243 1/2 NQ