Open Trial

Clarkswood, Mark Cross

12th – 15th August 2021


INTRO  -  Judge Hannah Hyslop

1st  Tara Shelton with Clean Ver  (Lab)  90.5 Q


CD  -  Hannah Hyslop

1st  Susannah Jordan with Falconese Maree  (Weimaraner)  NQ


UD  -  Judge Jane Clarke

1st  Kamal Fernandez with Remror Superman CDEx  (BC) 193.5 Q

2nd  David Clarke with Catello Hamilton CDEx  (GSD)  183.5 Q

3rd  Caroline Hollis with Holegyn Spotty Hooligan CDEx  178 Q

4th  Tommy Tannk with Lakatamia Maximus (GSD) 177.5  NQ


WD  -  Judge Jane Clarke

1st  Adrian Quick with Dexter Ruben CDEx UDEx  (GSD)  191 Q

2nd  Margo Brothwell with Chelsasa Henry  (X Breed)  187 Q

3rd  Ruth Bryant with Icabod Slory  (WSD)  183 Q

4th  John Simpson with Whiterose Rafe CDEx  (BC)  141  NQ


PD  -  Judge Vic Snook

1st  Andrew Henley with Xandoas Teak CDEx – WDEx  (BSD)  307  Q

2nd Lauren Marlow with Petal Power CDEx – WDEx  (Dutch Herder)  301.5  Q

3rd  Mick Tustain with Vonhauswolf Voldermort CDEx – WDEx  (GSD)  295.5  Q

4th  Chris Theobald with Beverton Nan CDEx – WDEx  (BC)  253.5  NQ