Open Trial

14th August 2022


SPECIAL STAKE  -  Judge Frances Webb

1st Lynda Mitchell with Pauldens Show Lady (BC) 190

2nd Steph Allsopp with Serious Smiler (GSD) 178

3rd Sylvia Nicholson with Chapelforge Augus With Norwulf  (GSD)  151

4th Tina Rose with Ostenhaus Xavos  (GSD)  119.5

5th Sylvia Nicholson with Lararth Aramis  (GSD)  94


INTRO  -  Judge Lauren Marlow

1st Elaine Morris with Montravia Chasing Waves  (Std Poodle)  58.5 NQ


CD  -  Judge Lauren Marlow

1st  Elaine Morris with Montravia Chasing Waves  (Std Poodle)  52.5 NQ


UD  -  Judge Hannah Hyslop

1st  Lorraine Jack with Rawreth Arabella CDEx  (Doberman)  173 Q

2nd Lynne Watkins with Starshot Forever with Szikras  (HWHV)  171.5 NQ


WD  -  Judge Hannah Hyslop

1st Jane Wood with Rubiheath Ted CDEx-UDEx  (BC)  186.5 Q

2nd Sharon Carter with Tilly Trotter at Ivymoor  (X Breed)  89.5 NQ


PD  -  Judge Jo Quick

1st  Les Theobald with Beverton Bond CDEx – TDEx  (BC)  286.5 Q

2nd Mick Tustain with Petal Power CDEx – WDEx  (Dutch Herder)  276 Q

3rd Jo McQuat with Skipmyre Majestic Star CDEx – TDEx  (GSD)  263 NQ

4th Chris Theobald with Beverton Nan CDEx – TDEx  (BC)  243 NQ