Surrey DTS

Open Trial.

26th - 28th February 


(Kindly sent in by Barrie James)


TD Stake  Judges N/W Judy Meekings C&A Les Allen

1st June Coutts & Tadmarton Estelle 207marks

2nd Tony Lockyer & Abbi Black at Hartshill  203.5 marks

3rd Dean Woodcock & Cories Tex   203 marks

4th Gary Haim & Lupitoonz Space Ranger 198 Marks

Stan Ford & Vonhauswolf Rainhard 197.5

Martine Taylor & Glenalpine Nikki 194.5

Stella Richards & Glenalpine Kashel 193.5

Betty Briley & Jetril Jig 189.5


WD Stake  Judges N/W John Simpson C&A Les Allen

1st Pat Herbert & Glenalpine Fen 198.5

2nd Julie Atkins & Glenalpine Peg 193.5

3rd John Wykes & Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce  185.5

Margo Brothwell & Tangham Little Saxon 184

Tim Cooper & Gloster Nighthawk  169.5


U.D. Stake  Judges N/W Penny Bann C&A Les Allen

1st Claire Norton & Dreaganta Kainaat  196

2nd Jacki Snook & Ashlindt Cider 191.5

3rd Ruth Payton & Kaliazar Chaos            190

4th Moira Rogerson & Xandoas Scout  188.5

Shirley Simpson & Ferrous A Touch Of Beauty 186

Bill Richardson & Xandoas Isa   183

Caroline Ashford & Wolfhart Taquil  169


Introductory Stake: Judge David Self

1st Jason Punyer and PRETTY LITTLE LUNA, XBrd, (B). 89 Q.

2nd Keleigh Parsons and PRETTY LITTLE MISTY, BC, (B).  69 NQ


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