Surrey DTS

Championship Trial

17th July 2016

PD Winner

Dave Olley &WTCh LIttle Raymond


(kindly sent in by Christine Brooks) 

PD Stake  Judge Gary Martin

1st Dave Olley &WTCh LIttle Raymond 305.5

2nd Alan Bexon & WTCh Fly By Night Lad   297.5 

3rd Bill Richardson & Kenocto Octobers Delight 277.5  

4th Wendy Beasley & WTCh. Stardell Lunar   273.5

Also qualifying:

Diane Ling &WTCh Deben Little Tom 273.


WD Stake Judge Manda McLellan

1st Karen Bexon & Spicey Little Man 189.5

2nd After run-off Adrian Quick & Middleann Dream Maker 187

3rd Andy Baker & Right Then Sonny Jim  187

4th Margo Brothwell & Tangham Little Saxon

Also qualifying:

John Wykes & Dreaganta Red Rory of  Tarnforce 181

Sylvia Cook & Mister Moss at Goldoak 180

Ursula Furter & Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy at Avonwolf 178.5

Jenny Richards & Amberslade Massachusetts  175

Sheila Margreaves & Khaamysker Rocket 173.5

Ruth Payton & Kaliazar Chaos 172

Val Upton  & Kaliazar Clayton  165


CD  Stake  Judge: David Self

1st Janet Parker & Khamysker Romaya 97


Introductory Stake   Judge: Joyce Tibbetts

1st Lynda Levett & Thamespol Delta Baxter 90.5


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