Surrey Dog Training Society

Open Trial 

11th – 13th November, 2016.


(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner and Christine Brooks)

PD Stake – Judge: Margo Brothwell.  6 entries.  1 Qualifier

1st & qualifying Ruth Cahill & Rassau Lera of Vomkyna (GSD)- 302.Q

 2nd  Stan Ford & Vonhauswolf Rainhard -268 NQ

 3rd   Diane Ling & Little Deben Joe - 258 NQ

 4th    Ursula Furter & Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy at Avonwolf -(MAL) 240 NQ


TD Stake – Judges: Nosework - Barbara Riste. C/A. Joyce Tibbetts.  30 entries.  5 qualifiers

1st           Andy Baker with WSD Right Then Sonny Jim                                         217 points

2nd          Peter Brooke with Lab. Pacescott Northern Spy CDex-UDex          213 points

3rd           Sheila Margreaves with GSD Khamysker Rocket CDex-WDex         203.5 points

4th           Andrew Lloyd with BC Stardell Tarazed CDex-WDex                          183 points

5th           Don Laskey’s GSD Shardee’s Kos CDex-WDex                                       176.5 points


WD Stake – Judges: Nosework - Lauren Marlow.  C/A. Joyce Tibbetts.   11 entries   7 qualifiers

1st           After run-off

Val Thomson’s GSD Tracelyn Ashlea (handled by Gavin)                  187.5 points

2nd          Janet Parker’s GSD Khamysker Romaya  CDex-UDex                         187.5 points

3rd           Elizabeth DeUnger’s Lab. Flintsfield Faithful Fella CDex-UDex       186.5 points

4th           Mary Prentice with WSD Triclan’s Robbie  CDex                                  183 points

Also Qualified:

Barbara Brown’s WSD Eva Parnassus’ Muse  CDex - UDex               162.5 points

Lynda Levett’s GSD Thamespol Delta Baxter  CDex                             161.5 points

Shirley Simpson’s BC Ferrous A Touch of Beauty                                 161 points


UD Stake – Judges:  Nosework – John Turtill.  C/A.  Joyce Tibbetts.  12 entries   1 Qualifier

1st           Sandra Jones with WSD Bricklehampton Bess                                      187.5 points

2nd          Steven Osbourne’s Malinois Avonwolf Albert Sid CDex                    169 points  NQ

3rd           Hannah Hyslop’s Malinois Bonvivant Inspire                                         162 points  NQ

4th           Richard Aplin’s GSD Khamysker Rosamund                                           134 points  NQ