Surrey DTS

Championship Trial

20th - 22nd July

PD Winner

Lauren Stan

Lauren Marlow, and  JOTUNHEIM ELI with judge Stan Ford



(Results and Photos kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner and Judy Meekings)

PD Stake  Judge: Stan Ford

1st   Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM ELI, 309

Lauren Aka

2nd  Moira Rogerson, WTCh XANDOAS SCOUT, 294

3rd   Bill Richardson, XANDOAS ISA, 289.5

4TH   Diane Ling, WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 288.5

W.D. Stake - Judge Sandra Lewindon 

16 entries 12 ran. 2 Qualifiers

1st Mary Prentice with W.S.D. Trician’s Robbie CDex-WDex 198.5 points. Q

2nd Eleanor Mestraud with G.S.D. Wolfhart Kindred Spirit WDex 192 points Q
3rd Veronica Errington with Labrador Pollgina Rosend Shanti l88 points NQ
4th Val Upton with B.C. Kaliazar Clayton CDex-WDex 180.5 points NQ

C.D. Stake – Judge: John West

14 entries 9 ran 2 Qualifiers

1st Christine Merritt with Mali Goldmill Flash 90.5 points Q

2nd Margaret Buckley with Bearded Collie Holtend Time Traveller 86 points Q

3rd Jenefer Le Mesurier with H.W.V.A. Brynffrwd Penarddun 81.5 points NQ
4th Sylvia Cook with W.S.D. Fern Maiden at Goldoak 80 points NQ
After run-off with:
Chris Theobald with BC Beverton Nan

Introductory Stake - Judge: John West

2entries. No qualifiers.

1st Rosemary Turner with Shetland Sheepdog Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker 73 points NQ
2nd Becky Collier with Cocker Spaniel Pepperbox Summer Time 65 points NQ