Surrey DTS

Open Trial

Oakwood Hill

Results (so Far)

(Kindly sent in by Sandra Lewindon and Joyce Tibbetts)


PD Stake  Judge: Diane Ling

1st Q Richard Cornwall GSD Rosehaus Arturo

2nd Q Joyce Tibbetts GSD Vonhauswolf Urika

3rd NQ Adrian Quick GSD Falkenwald High Places

4th NQ Hannah Hyslop Mali Bonvivant Inspire


TD Stake  Judge: Sharon Carter

1st Dave Clark Blade of the Glade 201.5 Q

2nd Chris Davis Merpol Vito 197.5 Q

3rd Di Whiting Sheltysham So Esoteric 191 Q

4th Di Asheton-Bowtle The Ashbow Inkspot 180.5 Q


WD Stake  Judge: Lynn Watkins

1st Q Steph Gordon with Mabel’s Maytime Tipple Lab

2nd Q Steve Osborne with Avonwolf Albert Sid Mali

3rd Q Pricilla Baylis with Bethan Blue of Kingscote WSD

4th NQ Julian Smith with Esoteric Dream GSF

UD Stake  Judge: Jane Clarke

1st Q Pam Clarke Lupitoonz Black Phoenix 191

2nd Q Julia Edwards Starlight Jade 174

3rd Q Stella Smyth Morrow Forever in Blue Jeans 172

4th NQ Lyndie Lothian 180.5 (judges decision)

5th NQ Sue Rance 180.5