Surrey DTS

Championship Trial

Okewood Hill

TD Winner

1 Margaret and Arran 600x800Photo kindly supplied by Judy Meekings

Margaret Robinson, WT.Ch. Arran at Trent Valley



(kindly sent in by Sandra Lewindon)


TD Stake  Judge: Joyce Tibbetts

1st Margaret Robinson, WT.Ch. Arran at Trent Valley (WSD)

2nd Pat Herbert, WT.Ch.Glenalpine Fen (BC)

3rd Sue Ashby the Zeta (WSD)

4th after run off, Liz de Unger Flintstone Faithful Fella (LAB)

Other qualifiers

After run off John Simpson Far Canal Foster, (Xbred)

Andy Baker WT.Ch.Right Then Sonny Jim (WSD)

David Clark Blade of the Glade (BC)

Ann Clarke Tadmarton Evita (Lab)

Hannah Hislop Bonvivant Inspire (BSD)

Sandra Lewindon Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli (WS)

Jayne Lewis Rhynston Rhys (WSD)

Lauren Marlow wtch Jotenheim  Eli (mal)

Tony orchard College Robbie of Tadmarton (lab)

Pat Parkinson wtch Waggerland my Shadow (WSD)

John Wykes Dreganta Red Rory of Tarnforce (BC)


WD Stake     Judge: Lynne Watkins

1st Steve Osborne and Sid

little legs 720x537

2nd Penny Bann, dog handler by Belinda Spensley, Tarnedge Griffin

3rd Chrissie Theobald, dog handler by Les, Beaverton NaN

4th Stan Ford and Ravenvalley Sansa


UD Stake   Judge: Sue Russel

1st Pat Parkinson with Vamp Jasmine (Ret)

2nd Jean Howells with Ava At Little Deeps (BC)

3rd Zoe Hunter with Indianna Beauty (GSD)

4th Le Newman with Beverton Woody (BC)


CD Stake

 Judge: Lynne Watkins

1st Judy Meekings Hollowgate Forever Amber (Lab)

2 Judy Lynne and Storm 600x799

2nd Jon Hinds Jeno’s Bruce (Mal)

3rd Mick Tustain Vonhauswolf Voldemort (GSD)

4th Darren Franks Vonhauswolf Vane (GSD)

Ross George Glamsen Sasha Von Dutch (D.Herd)

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