Surrey DTS

Open Trial 

February 20th – 22nd 2015



TD Stake
1st Lauren Marlow & Jotunheim Eli
2nd Sheila Tannert & Tarnedge Wisp
3rd Manda McLellan & Gartonhaus Bora of Ashlindt
4th Sue Zackheim & Cool Hand Flook
Also qualifying:
Sharon Carter
Paul Morling
Kate Peyton
Yvonne Carpenter
Betty Briley
Rosemary Turner
WD Stake
1st Dave Clark & Lakatamia Lucifer
2nd Not qualifying Elaine Betts & Pines Acorn
Intro Stake
1st Lesley Peters with Tawney Hill Caddy at Troysel - Goldy (D) 100
2nd Colin Rees with Wolfhart of Brunstrux GSD (D) 90
3rd Sue Atkin with Miss Delila - GSD (B) 86 1/2
4th Liz Perry with Chrisue Kenyan Dawn BC (B) 86
Also Qualifying:
Elizabeth Hammond with Baswell's Bride Lab (B) 82 1/2
Mary Lacy with Bordertime Rising Star BC (D) 80