18th - 21st August 2016

UD Qualifiers

MAYA ROGERPhoto supplied by Rosemary Turner


(kindly sent in by Ruth Cahill)

All stakes tracked on grass.
Judges: TD Nosework: Ann Clarke, WD & UD Nosework: Tony Orchard.
C&A in all stakes and CD & Intro Judge: Jenny Orchard. Total 87 entries

TD STAKE  Judge: Ann Clarke  30 Entries 4 Qualifiers

1ST Diana Ling. Little Deben Joe CDEx - WDEx. Crossbreed D. CoM 208
2nd Ruth Cahill. Rassau Lira of Vomkyna CDEx - WDEx. GSD B. CoM 205.5
3rd Adrian Quick. Middleann Dream Maker CDEx - WDEx. GSD D. CoM 200
4th Jayne Lewis. Rhynston Rhys CDEx- WDEx. WSD D. CoM 198

WD STAKE  Judge: Tony Orchard   18 Entries. No Qualifiers
1st Andrea Lynd. Seldomseen Jet. Lab B. 158 (Qual all sections but short by 2 marks)
2nd Barbara Brown. Eva Pamassus' Muse. WSD B. 180 NQ
3rd Lorna East. Glenalpine Tosca CDEx- UDEx. BC B. 175 NQ
4th. Jackie Withers. Lizline Ukulele. GSD D. 157 NQ

UD STAKEJudge: Tony Orchard  24 Entries 11 Qualifiers
1st. Andy Laws. Khamysker Roger CDEx. GSD D. CoM 192.5
2nd. L. Levett's Thamespol Delta Baxter. GSD D. CoM 191.5 Handled by Gavin Thomson
3rd. Sheila Tannert. Tarnedge Leia. Lab B. CoM 189
4th. Janet Parker. Khamysker Romaya. GSD B. CoM 186.5
Also gaining a CoM:
Liz Hickman. Wolfhart Tamarisk. CDEx. GSD B 185.5
Di Assheton-Bowtle. The Ashbow Inkspot. Crossbreed B. 184.5
A. White. Decoyman's Piper Snowman. NSDTR D. 184
Bairbre Sharkey. Go Bellistic. CDEx. GSD B. 180.5
Marie Dixon. Billabong Boy. Crossbreed D. 180
Nigel Hines. Taz of Brynswood. BC D. 178
Mary Prentice. Trician's Robbie. WSD D. 162

Pat and Jess 004 smallIntro and CD winner Pat Antrobus and Jess (Trisant Becca). Photo supplied by Gail Gwesyn-Price
CD STAKE  Judge Jenny Orchard  9 Entries 2 Qualifiers
1st. P & R Antrobus's Trisant Becca. Cocker Spaniel B. CoM 94. Handled by Pat Antrobus
2nd Pam Clarke. Smylie Mylie. WSD B. CoM 91
3rd Dave Garrett. Funfastquick Winter Meurig. GSD D. 69
4th Pam Clarke. Longhalves Summer Surprise. WSD D. 68

Introductory Stake  Judge: Jenny Orchard   6 Entries 2 Qualifiers
1st. P & R Antrobus's Trisant Becca. Cocker Spaniel B. CoM 93.5. Handled by Pat Antrobus
2nd. Nicola Foskett. Readeptor Active Storm. GSD D. CoM. 91.5
3rd. Richard Aplin. Khamysker Rosamund. GSD B. 75
4th. Kate Littlehales. Melanitta Ambrose. NSDTR. 65.5