Wessex WTS

Championship Trial


22nd - 28th June

PD Winner

Lee Payne and WT.Ch.  Little Rough Rhinestone

Payne Lee 440x549Archive Photo



(Kindly supplied by Margery Lee)

 PD Stake: Judge Stan Ford

1st and Winning Ticket Lee Payne and WT CH  Little Rough Rhinestone CDex – TDex  PDex (BC x GSD)  Q 294.5

2nd and Reserve Ticket Vic Snook and Little Mica (AK4) (X Breed) CDex – TDex Q  273

3rd with PD  Alan Bexon WT CH Fly By Night Lad (WSD) CDex – TDex  PDex   251

4th NQ Les Theobald and Tytri Roman Jack (BC) CDex – WDex 261


WD Stake: Judge Ray Lea

1st Hayley Woodcock and Samdais Little Star (BC) CDex – WDex  Q  199.5

2nd Sheila Jack and Stormlake Brooke (GSD) CDex – WDex  Q 197

3rd Elinor Anderson and Jemas Carousel For Myrtillas (X Breed) CDex – UDex Q 193

 MG 5195 440x660Kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

4th June Coutts and Tadmarton Estelle (Labrador)CDex - UDex Q 191

 MG 5194 440x419Kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

Also qualifying:

Angie Fields and Tarnedge Act of Faith (Labrador) CDex – UDex 190

Dean Woodcock and Cories Tex (Kelpi) CDex – WDex 188.5

Meg O’Kelly and Stardell Naos (BC) CDex – UDex 184.5

Brenda Nevard and Ispyda Sider (WSD)  CDex – WDex 184

Jennifer Le Mesurier and Afon Pandy at Brynffrwd  HWHV) CDex - UDex


UD Stake: Judge Ray Lea

1st Graham Reaney and Aschenar Van Gough (GSD) CDex 199

2nd Rosie Lane and Vonlucianhan Arlee For Chaanrose (Malinois) CDex 192

3rd Dave Marchant and Stardell Pisces CDex (BC) 190

4th Gary Haim and Loopitoonz Space Ranger CDex 185

Also Qualified:

John West and Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian (ASD) 180


CD Stake: Judge Ruth Cahill

1st John West and Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian (ASD) 94.5 Perpetual Trophy for Winning CD. Also Overall Best Member Shield

John and Amberslade Michigan at Shepalian 440x477

2nd  Margaret Tarvit and Patakparti Angela (HV) 90.75

3rd Joanne Richards and Traigh Jubilee Fire Cracker (BC) 90.25

4th Andrea Lynd and Seldomseen Jet (Lab) 90

Also Qualified:

Anni Martin and Chocolate Pudding (WCocker) 89

Ann Ketteringham and Dreaganta Lark At Coalway (BC) 86.25

Kathy Williams and Ame Magnanime Didier De Titan (Beauceron) 84

Sharon Parry and Tribbrook Pavel Chekov (ASD) 81.5