Wessex DTC,

Open Trial


29 November


(kindly sent in by Margery Lee)


TD Stake. Judge: Gary Haim

1st   Sheila Jack with Stormlake Brooke GSD 210.5

2nd Ursula Furter with Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy At Avonwol   Malinois  210

3rd  Andrew Lloyd with Stardell Tarazed BC  208

4th  Stella Richards with Glenalpine Kashel  BC 203.5

Also qualified:

Ann Clarke with Tadmarton Evita Lab  203.5
Kevin Hill with Joyful Jensen  GSD 202
Wendy Donaldson with Amberslade Margarita ASD 198
Martine Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki  BC 197.5
Silvia Cook with Mister Moss at Goldoak   WSD  186.5
Don Laskey with Shardee’s Kos   GSD 184
Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces  BC 178


UD Stake. Judge: Pippa Bentham

1st  Ann Ketteringham with Dreaganta Lark at Coalway  BC 196.5

2nd  Sheila Margreaves with Khamysker Rocket  GSD 194.5

3rd  Margaret Tarvit with Patakparti Angela Hung Vizsla 192.5

4th   Barbara Brown with Eva Parnassus’ Muse   BC 177.5


CD Stake. Judge Barbara Riste

1st   Angela White with Decoymans Piper Snowman NSDTR 93.5

2nd   Diane Lightfoot with Maizy Dot Lurcher X Breed NQ 74.5

3rd   David Garrett with Funfast  Quick Winter Meurig GSD NQ 71.5

4th   Julia Hughes with Croxlea Carousel  BC NQ 69.5