Wessex WTS

Championship Trial 

20th – 26th June, 2016.

TD Winner


Julie Atkins and Glenalpine Peg


(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


Tracking Dog  Judge:  Linda Newbold       59 entries       (40 odd qualified nosework)

1st           Julie Atkins with B.C. Glenalpine Peg CDex-WDex                             214 points

2nd          Gary Atkins with B.C. WT Ch. Glenalpine Pete TDex                         212.5 points

3rd           Barry Gilbert with B.C. WT Ch. Glenalpine Cosworth TDex             209.5 points

4th           Gary Haim with W.S.D. Lupitoons Space Ranger CDex-WDex       208.5 points

Also qualified:

                John Simpson with Cross Far Canal Foster TDex                                 206 points          

Sharon Carter with Weim. Quadet Dansa at Ivymoor WDex          205.5 points

                Dave Olley with GSD cross WT Ch. Little Raymond TDexPDex       203.5 points       

Pat Herbert with B.C. Glenalpine Fen CDex-WDex                            203 points

                Tony Lockyer with W.S.D. WT Ch Triple Top at Hartshill                   203 points

                Joyce Tibbetts with GSD Vonhauswolf Maud TDex                           202.5 points

                Les Allen with Lab Tadmarton Enzo TDex                                               199.5 points

                Sarah Burroughs with Lab Tarnedge Velvet                                          199 points

                Ann Clarke with Lab. Tadmarton Evita CDex-WDex                           196.5 points

                Pat Parkinson with W.S.D. Waggerland My Shadow TDex              196 points

Lauren Marlow with Mal. Jotunheim Eli TDex                                      194 points

S. Perez with W.S.D. Kaeffer Kai TDex                                                    102.5 points

Kevin Hill with G.S.D. Joyful Jensen                                                          192 points

Caroline Martin with B.C. Gwynion Soli WDex                                     190 points

Tony Lockyer with GSD Abbi Black at Hartshill WDex                        189.5 points

Dave Marchant with B.C. Stardell Pisces                                           188.5 points

Jenny Orchard with Lab Tadmarton Easterr Lily                                   186.5 points

D. Woodcock with Kelpie Cories Tex WDex                                          180.5 points



W.D.  Judge:  Charlie Taylor.    23 entries.   12 Qualified Ex and 1 WD only.

1st           J. A. Dykes with Cross  Zinzan Zoo                                             190.5 points

2nd          A. Lloyd with B.C. Stardell Tarazed                                            189 points

3rd           A. Baker with W.S.D. Ritht Then Sonny Jim                           187.5 points

4th           Sue Ashby with W.S.D.  The Zeta CDex-UDex                      187 points

Also Qualified:

                M. O’Kelly with B.C. Stardell Nao CDex UDex                      183 points

                Dianne Ling with Cross Little Deben Joe CDex UDex          181.5 points

                Sheila Margreaves with G.S.D. Khamysker Rocket CDex UDex  181 points

                Adrian Quick with G.S.D. Middleann Dream Maker CDex UDex 179.5 points        

J.E. Lewis with W.S.D. Rhynston Rhys                                     179 points

Angela Fields with Lab. Tarnedge Act of Faith CDex-WDex  174 points

L. Kane with Rottie Stormhaus Dascha                                    173.5 points

John Wykes wih B.C. Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce CDex UDex  169 points

Nicky Prescott with W.S.D. Waggerland Twinkle                               148.5 points  (WD only)


U.D.  Judge: Janette Hickson   17 entries   9 qualifiers

1st           Liz DeUnger with Lab Flintsfield Faithful Fella CDex     195.5 points

2nd          Peter Brooke with Lab Pacescott Northern Spy CDex  194.5 points

3rd           Sue Atkin with G.S.D. Miss Delila CDex                            193.5 points

4th           Kate Wykes with B.C. Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce  CDex  192.5 points

Also qualified:

                N. Durrant with G.S.P. Pendantry Cheek to Cheek            191 points

Sandra Lewindon with W.S.D. Ligttle Miss Jynx at Bracokeli          186.5 points

                J. Kevis with E.S.S. Meadowdale Spider CDex                      186 points

                M. Tarvit with H.Vizsla Patakparti Angela                               182 points

                J. Withers with G.S.D. Lizline Ukulele                                      161.5 points


C.D.  Judge:  Charlie Taylor   23 entries   (16 ran)  6 qualified Ex.  plus 2 CD only

1st           Angela White with N.S.D.T.R. Decoymans Piper Snowman   95 points

2nd          Sandra Lewindon with W.S.D. Little Miss Jynx at Bracokeli   90 points

3rd           Janet Parker with G.S.D. Khamysker Romaya                           88.5 points

4th           Rita Banfather with G.S.D. Tracelynn Tyrrell of Bannersway 83.5 points

Also qualified:

                Mary Prentice with W.S.D. Triclan’s Robbie                               83 points

                Liz Hickman with G.S.D. Wolfhard Tamarisk                               81 points

                Tim Cooper with Lab. Gloster Nighthawk                                   78.5 points  CD only

                C. Bailey with Terrier Cross Dino of Havar                                  77.5 points  CD only