Wessex WTC

Open Trial


(Kindly sent in by Margery Lee)

2nd/3rd December 2016

PD: Judge Gary Martin

1st Kevin Hill with Joyful Jensen  GSD 291 Q

2nd Chris Gregory with Thriftwood Allegra  Golden Ret. 290.5 Q

3rd Ursula Furter with Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy at Avonwulf  Malinois  271.5 Q

4th Ruth Cahill with Rassau Lera Of Vomkyna GSD 287 NQ


WD:  Judge: Caroline Martin

1st Barbara Riste with Gemwell Fiore Sardo  Gordon Setter 195 Q

2nd Barbara Brown with Eve Parnassus’ Muse  WSD 1989.5 Q

3rd Janet Parker with Khamysker Romaya  GSD 186 Q

4th Linda Levett with Thamespol Delta Baxter GSD 180.5 Q


CD:  Judge: Chris Young

1st Jan Baker with Oakapple Gwinear of Jaby Golden Ret. 88.5 Q

2nd Sue Main with Astra Tam BC 88.5 Q (after runoff)

3rd Val Corgan with Madsway Purple Sage Beardie 90.5 NQ

4th Chris Bailey with Dino of Hovar Terrier X  86.5 NQ