Championship Trial


25 June 2017

PD Winner


Alan Bexon and WT. Ch Fly By Night Lad
with Judge Tracey Park



(Kindly sent in by Margery Lee)

PD Stake  Judge: Tracey Park

1st Alan Bexon with WSD  WTCH Fly By Night Lad 296.5  Q and winning the Ticket

     Also winning the WTCH Waggerland Jazz Memorial Shield for the overall winner of this stake and

    The WTCH Waggerland Fizz Memorial Shield for the best patrol round.

2nd Les Theobald with BC Tytri Roman Jack 266 NQ

3rd Lauren Marlow with Malinois Jotunheim Eli 257 NQ

4th Diane Ling with ShepherdxCollie WTCH Deben Little Tom 256 NQ


WD Stake  Judge: John West

1ST Mary Prentice with WSD Triclan’s Robbie Q 196.5  Also winning the Best Member Trophy

2nd Les Allan with Labrador  Sark Luca Q 194

3rd John Fitzpatrick with Malinois  Threenines Ace of Q Clubs 189.5

4th Martine Taylor with BC Glenalpine Valley Floyd Q 187.5

Also Qualified:

Sandra Haim with WSD Bricklehampton Bess 187.5

Emily Mayer with Maliniois  Vonlucianhan Anubis 187

Baibre Sharkey with GSD Go Bellistic 186

Peter Brooke with Lab/Retriever  Pacescott Northern Spy 185

Barbara Riste with Gordon Setter  Gemwell Fiore Sardo 184.5

Janet Parker with GSD Khamysker Romaya 182.5

Dave Currier with GSP Minimokes Elba 182

Jo Quick with GSD Falkenwald High Places 181.5

Nicky Prescott with WSD Waggerland Twinkle 180.5

Ann Trodd with Beardie  Highglade the Last Waltz for Chelsasa 178.5

Rita Banfather with GSD Tracelyn Tyrrell of Bannersway 176

Lynda Levett with GSD Thamespol Delta Baxter 168


Tim Cooper with Labrador Gloster Night Hawk 156.5


UD Stake  Judge: John West

1st Liz Hickman with GSD Wolfhart Tamarisk Q 195.5

2nd Sue Main with BC Astra Tam Q 195.5

3rd Jan Baker with Golden Retriever Oakapple Gwinear of Jaby Q 194.5

4th J.J Fitzpatrick with GSD Threenines Misspoken  Q 194

Also Qualified:

Jo McOuat with GSD  Skipmyre Majestic Star   192.5

Trina Heal with GSD Dejaga Cuba 192

Sarah Burroughes with Labrador Tarnedge Hobby 184.5

Eleanor Mestraud with GSD Wolfhart Kindred Spirit 178.5

Pam Clark with WSD Smylie Mylie 170.5


CD Stake  Judge: Julie Atkins

1st Maureen Regan with GSD Ostenhaus Zantel At Kirlizegan Q 91.5

2nd Dave Clark with BC Blade of The Glade Q 91

3rd Jo McOuat with GSD Skipmyre Majestic Star Q 87.5

4th Sue Sims with Pepsanner Princess Sophia Q 87.5

Also Qualified:

Carole Brooke with  Alfie Cam Lab/Retrieve Q 86

Special Beginners Stake   Judge: Pippa Bentham

1st Janette Hickson with BC Rosmarinus Calligrapher

2nd Sylvia Cook with WSD Fern Maiden at Gold Oak

3rd Becky Price with Labrador Bannertree’s Razzle Dazzle

4th Maureen Regan with GSD Ostenhaus Zantel At Kirlizegan