Wessex WTC

Championship Trial


TD Winner

20190623 161555 700x933Photo kindly supplied by Anne Bussey

Caroline Martin with Gwynion Soll



(Kindly sent in by Margery Lee)

CD STAKE   Judge:   Gary Haim

Q 1st Heather Cook with Lynwood Hooli  BC on 96.5

Q 2nd Sylvia Cook with Fern Maiden At Goldoak WSD on 87.5

Q 3rd Pat Antrobus with Trisant Tasha Cocker Spaniel on 87

Q 4th Martine Taylor with Glenalpine Morning Skye BC on 83

Also Qualifying:

Angela White with Purlfurhund Titania GSD on  82.5


Ann Shepherd with Benjamin Blue WSD on 75.5


UD STAKE   Judge:  Rita Banfather

Sadly there were no qualifiers.

1st Jenefer Le Mesurier with Brynffrwd Penarddun HWHV ON 150.5

2nd Belinda Spensley with Vikta Vivacity Gold.Ret. on 143

3rd Glenys Page with Elmleas Connie BC on 73.5


WD STAKE   Judge:  Rita Banfather

1st Steph Gordon with Mabels Maytime Tipple Lab on 194.5

2nd Richard Musgrave with Hollowgate Glow Red Forever Ret/Lab on 192.5

3rd Pat Antrobus with Trisant Beca  Cocker Spaniel on 190.5

4th Jean Howells with Ava At Little Deeps BC on 188

Also Qualified:

Sam McGrath with Tracelyn Token GSD on 188

Dave Olley with Tri Thorne Glen WSD on 184

Janette Hickson with Rosmarinus Calligrapher BC on 182.5

Penny Bann with Tarnedge Griffin Lab/Ret on 180.5

N.Crowther with Sorrels Stroh  Lab on 180

Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with Zavi Java at Concenn GSD on 179.5

Priscilla Bayliss with Blethan Blue of Kingscote WSD

Joyce Watson with Bandaitch Blyth Brea Xbeed  on 175


Stella Smyth with Morrow Forever In Blue Jeans ACD on 159.5


TD STAKE   Judge: Julie Atkins

1st Caroline Martin with Gwinnion Soll  BC on 214 Winning the Ticket.  Many Congratulations Caroline

2nd Tony Lockyer with Abbi Black At Hartshill  GSD on 211.5 Winning the Reserve Ticket.  Well done Tony

3rd Charlie Taylor with WT CH Glenalpine Nikki BC on 208

4th (After run off) Liz de Unger with Flintsfield Faithful Fella on 207

Also qualifying:

Sheila Tannert WT CH Tarnedge Wisp Labrador on 207

Sheila Tannert with Tarnedge Leia  Labrador on 205.5

Wendy Beasley with Stardell Venus BC on 203

John Simpson with Far Canal Foster Crossbreed on 201.5

Sandra Haim with  Bricklehampton Bess WSD on 201

Sue Ashby with The Zeta WSD on 199.5

Becky Price with Glenalpine Morning Mist on 199.5

Mike Williams with WT CH Tadmarton Eleanor Lab/Ret on199

Rita Kidson with Tregada The BC on 198

Anne BUSSEY with Kellogg Cereal Killer  Crossbreed on 195

Margaret Robinson with Just Arran Over Trent Valley WSD on 193.5

Dave Marchant with Stardell Pisces BC on 193

Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline Crossbreed on 193

Gary Martin with Firetouch Superstylin BC on 192

Dave Clark with Blade of the Glade BC on 186

Maurice Millington with Highlands Ash Lab/Ret on 185

Sally Rose with Retswerb Hot Spice Labrador on 185

Sheren Perez with Kaeffer Kel WSD on 183.5