Wessex WTC

Championship Trial


TD Winner

TD ticket winner large

Pat Herbert and Glenalpine Fen with Judge Les Allen


(Kindly sent in by Gary Haim)

TD Stake  Judge: Les Allen

Pat Herbert and Glenalpine Fen,
Reserve John Wykes and Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce,
3rd Sandra Haim and Bricklehampton Bess,
4th Chris Theobald and Beverton Nan
also Qualified
Sally Rose and Retswerb Hot Spice,
Joan Snowden and Stardell Mercury,
Jo Quick and Falkenwald High Places,
Wendy Beasley and Stardell Venus.

WD Stake  Judge: Gary Haim

1st Len Newman and Stardell Ennis,
2nd Lauren Marlow and Petal Power,
3rd Mick Tustain and Vanhauswolf Voldemort,
4th Les Theobald and Beverton Bond
also Qualified
WD only Liz Hickman and Wolfhart Tamarisk.

UD Stake  Judge: Gary Haim

1st Kevin Hill and Korbach Baxiva,
2nd Caroline Martin and Firetouch Second Time,
3rd Barbara Brown and Loge the Fire Maker,
4th Julz Findeisen and Janjelly Spyder NQ.

CD Stake  Judge: John West

1st Suzanne Jaffa and Quilters Fire Catcher,
2nd Gary Atkins and Glenalpine Ken,
3rd Julie Atkins and Glenalpine Ern,
4th Judith Stamp and Briony Beccadoon,

Also qualified CDex
Pat Herbert and Glenalpine Merri,
Pat Antrobus and Trisant Aneira,
Jackie Dykes and Jummly Jooh,
Dave Marchant and Looky Looky Life of Riley,
Ann Trodd and Chelsasa Alistair,
B Sharpe and Madhemia Total Commitment,
Caroline Martin and Firetouch Second Time,
Qualifying CD only
Mike Bretherton and My Spotted Fella,
Charlotte Bullivant and Lily Targaryen.