Wessex WTC

Championship Trial

TD Ticket Winner

 kevinhill td largePhoto by Rosemary Turner

Kevin Hill & Korbach Baxiva


(Kindly sent in by Gary and Sandra Haim)

TD   Judge  Jeff Poole

1st Kevin Hill & Korbach Baxiva Q 210.5,

2nd Sandra Haim & WT CH Bricklehampton Bess Q 210,

3rd Gary Martin & Firetouch Superstylin Q 208,

4th Caroline Martin & Firetouch Second Time Q 192.5,

Also qualified

Les Allen & WT CH Sark Luca Q 185.5

WD  Judge Judith Owens Poole

1st Dave Marchant & LookyLooky Life of Riley Q 180,

2nd JJ Fitzpatrick & Swiftanbold Whirlwind Q 161,

3rd AnneThorpe & Stardell Hati over Dalemain Q WD only 158,

4th Jane Wood & Rubiheath Ted NQ 181.5.   

UD  Judge Judith Owens Poole

1st Susanne Jaffa &  Quilters Fire Catcher Q 191,

2nd Caroline Hollis & Holegen Spotty Hooligan Q 186,

3rd Barbara Riste & Wiscombe DR Cerullo NQ 167,

4th Sue Martin & Kenyten Hera NQ 90.5.  

CD  Judge  Maureen Regan

1st Judy Meekings & Flintsfield Rifleman at Windlebrook Q 94,

2nd Linda Newbold & Firetouch Time for Fun Q 83,

3rd Andy Heason & Krakemac Robin NQ 65.5.