Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial

Nostell,  6th March 2016

TD Winner

Gary and Pete with Tracy Nostell 2016 440x590Photo kindly supplied by Barrie James

 Gary Atkins with WT CH Glenalpine Pete


(Kindly supplied by Barrie James)

TD Stake – Judge: Tracy Park

1st & KCWTC Gary Atkins with WT CH Glenalpine Pete, BC, D, 216½

2nd and Reserve KCWTC Margaret Robinson with Just Arran at Trent Valley, WSD, D, 214

3rd Dave Olley with WT CH Little Raymond, Cross, D, 213½

4th June Reed with Shadowquest One and Only, GSD, D, 211

Also Qualifying TDex:

Diane Ling with WT CH Deben Little Tom, Cross, D, 210

Gary Martin with Magic Dark Shadow, Lab, D, 210 (Best Nosework)

Eric Carpenter with Drac at Carfeld, BC, D, 208½

Glenys Page with WT CH Bilco's Glory, WSD, D, 208½

Vic Snook with Woolshan Inkspot, GSD, D, 208½

Barry Gilbert with WT CH Glenalpine Cosworth, BC, D, 207

John Simpson with Far Canal Foster, Cross, D, 205

Malc Snowden with Stardell Sirius, BC, D, 202½

Vic Snook with Little Mica, Cross, B, 202

Caroline Martin with Carishill Freya. Gold. Ret, B, 196½

Jenny Olley with Stardell Archie, BC, D, 196½

Bill Richardson with Kenocto October's Delight, BSD, D, 190

Pat Parkinson with Waggerland My Shadow, WSD, D, 188½

Paul Morling with Voncucianhan Argonaught, Mali, D, 183½


WD Stake – Judge : David Waite 

1st Jayne Lewis with Rhynston Rhys, WSD, D, 195

2nd Polly Thomas with Pollgina Dennis Sparkie, Lab, D, 183½

3rd Francis Cambell with Coniston Danny Boy, WSD, D, 177½

4th Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury, BC, D, 167½


UD Stake – Judge:Mark Lewindon 

1st Pat Herbert with Glenalpine Fen, BC, B, 198½

2nd J Dykes with Zinzan Zoo, Cross, B, 188½

3rd Rob Shropshire with Tadmarton Earl, Lab, D, 168½ NQ

4th Tom Mills with Allmark Eduardo at Tomszill, ASD, D, 163½ NQ


CD Stake – Judge: Chris Trevor 

1st Dave Stewart with Bandaitch Star Edition, Cross, B, 95

2nd Andy Laws with Khamysker Roger, GSD, D, 84½

3rd Shirley Simpson with Ferrous A Touch of Beauty, BC, B, 81½ NQ

4th Christine Davis with Merpol Vito, GSD, B, 72 NQ


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