Yorkshire WTS

Open Trial

West Bretton

3rd April 2016



PD Stake - Judge: Andy Laws

5 entries

1st            Dave Olley and Elmhaus Porter Qual 308.5
2nd          Chris Trevor and Rodwell Black Prince Qual 300

3rd           Paul Morling and Vonlucian Argonaut Qual 278.5


TD Stake  - Judge:   Julia Findeisen

30 Entries

1st           Julie Atkins  Glenalpine Peg,  BC  Q  217

2nd          Chris Trevor, Rodwell Black Prince, Lab, Q  212

3rd           Tracey Eaton, Cleynehaga on the Tiles, G/Ret Q 211.5

4th            Ray Lea, Good Gollie Miss Molly,  XBreed, Q  206.5

Also Qualified

John Wykes.  Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce, BC, Q 205            

Sue Ashby,  The Zeta,  WSD  Q 201.5

Andrew Fox,  Stardell Muscida,  BC,  Q,  201

Joan Snowden, Stardell Mercury,  BC,  Q  199

Peter Dyer, Carmelita Elite of Kirkview, GSD  Q  197

Diane Ellis, Diandie Summer Magic,  GSD, Q 192


WD Stake  - Judge: Cath Chadwick

20 Entries

1st           David Waite, Eyauerhof Isla  Rott  Q  195.5

2nd          Rita Kidson, Tregada Tye  BC  Q  193

3rd           Angela Porter,  Chocolate Gladiator  XBreed  Q  192.5

4th           Moria Rogerson,  Xandoas Scout  BS Mali  Q 192

Also Qualifing:

Jenny Holt, Beelaholt Briar  BC  Q  180

Andrea Lynd, Seldomseen Jet  Lab  Q  177

Diane Yeatman, Lianwops Targa at Romsey  Lab, Q 173.5

Jenny Holt,  Beelaholt Bryn  BC  Q  171


UD Stake    Judge  Lol Campbel

14 Entries

1st           Mark Craven, Codie Canny Jack   WSD  N/Q   178.5

2nd          Gary Martin  Onion Sargie  XBreed  N/Q   177

3rd           Kate Wykes, Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce  BC  N/Q  172

4th           Sally Rose,  Retswerb Hot Spice  Lab N/Q  145


CD Stake     Judge Jenny Olley

4 Entries

1st           Jeny Miller,  My Lanie Jayne  GSD  Q 98

2nd        Rachel Hutton,  Miny Magandice   ESS  N/Q   65