Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial


5th March 2017

PD Winner

PD winnerPhoto kindly supplied by Shelia Margreaves

Alan Bexon with WT.Ch. Fly by Night Lad with Judge Charlie Taylor



PD Stake  Judge: Charlie Taylor

1st  Alan Bexon  293 Q

2nd Vic Snook  289 Q

3rd Les Theobald 284.5 Q

4th Diane Ling  268.5 Q


WD Stake Judge: Chris Trevor

1st David Wait 192.5 Q

2nd Liz De Unger 191 Q

3rd Fran Atkin  189.5 Q

4th Sally Rose  189 Q

Cyril Barker  186 Q

Andrea Lynd  183.5 Q

Cheryl Savage  182  Q

Dave Stewart  175 Q

Jackie Snook   154 Q WD Only


UD Stake Judge: David Bell

1st Cath Chadwick 192.5 Q

2nd Jeny Miller + Best Nosework 188.5 Q

3rd Rosemary Smyth 182 Q

4th Abbey Peart  173 Q


CD  Judge: Janine Atkinson

1st Lorain Wilson  95 Q

2nd Pat Quinn 82.5 Q

3rd  Tony Fox NQ

4th  Kathryn Jenneson NQ