Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial


TD Winner

IMG 0677

Gary Atkins with W.T. Ch. Glenalpine Pete



(Kindly sent in by Sheila Margreaves)

TD Stake  Judge: David Craven

1st  Gary Atkins CH Glenalpine Pete 214.5 - best nose work  trophy

2nd  Bill Richardson Xandoas Isa  208.5

3rd Rit Kidson Tregada Tye 205

4th Jayne Lewis Rhynston Rhys 198

Also qualifying

Emily Mayer Vonlucianhan Anubis 187

Judith Stamp Little Madam Mabelline 192.5

Dave Stewart Bandaitch Star Edition 182

WD Stake   Judge: Chris Trevor

1st Anne Bussey Kellogg Cereal Killer 197.5 Best nosework

2nd Angela Porter Chocolate Gladiator 196.5

3rd Pauline Cook Aprils Windy Willow 186.5

4th Keven Bryan Jaynte Whats Your World 177.5

UD Stake   Judge: Jackie Dykes

1st Dave Olley Tri Thorne Glen 195.5 Best nosework

2nd Pat Parkinsion Vamp Jasmine 184.5

3rd Irene Seymore Rhapsody in Black 177

4th Sue Ashley Amfides Iona 175

CD Stake   Judge: Laura Bardwell

1st Lydia Harrison Divamine Inspiration 98

2nd S Smyth Morrow Forever in Blue Jeans 96

3rd Linda Newbold Jaynte Find Me Somebody 91.5

4th Ruth Bryant Icabod Glory n/q 85.5


Fed Welham Memorial Stake (Special)  Judge: Caroline Martin

1st Kim Astbury Chasing A Dream 188 (after run off)

2nd Maurice Millington Glenalpine Jud 188

3rd Sue Ashley Mnpol Ulz 184.5

4th Emily Mayer Haha Horace of Guiltcross 183.5

Also qualifying

Vicky Dixon Rustix Ali 185 (forfeited rosette for other competitors)

Anne Collen Watereatons Carlotta 183