Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial


TD Ticket Winner

TaylorNikki 700x998

Charlie Taylor with WT. Ch. Glenalpine Nikki

(Subject to KC confirmation. Photo kindly supplied by Anne Bussey)



(kindly supplied by David Craven)

CD Stake

1st John Wykes with Buddy the Bar Steward. 93 Q Cdex

2nd Ruth Bryant with Icabod Glory. 86 Q Cdex

3rd Sarah Naylor with Dans Woolstone Jack.91 Nq

4th Emma Salvoni with Rizzo Rattus Vorvegicus. 81 Nq

UD Stake

1st Dave Olley with Tri Thorne Glen. 192 Q Udex

2nd Carol Grant with Harry Hotshot. 176.5 Q Udex

3rd Tracey Berry with Bentegruff Ethel. 166.5 Q Udex

WD Stake

 1st Anne Bussey with Kellogg Cereal Killer. 193 Q Wdex

2nd Becky MacGuffie with Polligina Abby Jetgirl. 190.5 Q Wdex

3rd Jane Clarke with Polligina Martez Major. 188.5 Q Wdex

4th Margaret Buckley with Holtend Time Traveller. 176.5 Q Wdex

Kev Bryan with Jaynte Whats your World. 166.5 Q Wdex

TD Stake

1st Charlie Taylor with Glenalpine Nikki 212.5 Q Tdex 

2nd Pat Herbert with WT Ch Glenalpine Fen 210.5 Tdex

3rd Margaret Robinson with WT Ch Just Arran at Trentvalley 209 Q Tdex

4th Sue Ashby with The Zeta 200.5 Q Tdex

John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce 195.5 Q Tdex

Jenny Olley with Stardell Archie 193 Q Tdex

Diane Ling with Little Deben Joe 191.5 Q Tdex

Veronica Errington with Pollgona Resend Shanti 184 Q Tdex

Jayne Lewis with Rhynston Rhys 183 Q Tdex

John Fitzpatrick with Threenines Misspoken 179.5 Q Tdex  

Judith Stamp with Little Madam Mabelline 174 Q Td Only