Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial

TD Winner

Barry Gilbert 25 

Barry Gilbert with Glenalpine Makar


(Kindly supplied by Dave Craven)

TD Stake  Judge: Linda Newbold

1st Barry Gilbert with Glenalpine Makar CDex-WDex Q 212 (Best Nosework)

2nd Sandra Haim with Bricklehampton Bess CDex - WDex Q 208.5

3rd Wendy Beasley with WT Ch Stardell Venus CDex - TDex, PDex Q 208

4th Jo McQuat with Skipmyre Majestic Star Q 207.5

Julie Atkins with Glenalpine Ern CDex-WDex Q 203.5

Rita Kitson with Tregada Tye CDex - TDex Q 199.5

Gary Atkins with Gary Glenalpine Ken CDex - WDex Q 198.5

Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury CDex - TDex Q 194.5 

Caroline Martin with Firetouch Second Time CDex - WDex Q 191

WD Stake Judge: Jenny Olley

1st Gary Haim with Brearton Lexi CDex - UDex Q 197.5

2nd Andrea Lynd with Ellswinder Queen Susan Q 197.5

3rd Julia Findeison with Janjelly Spyder CDex - WDex Q 194 (Best Nosework)

4th Jackie Dykes with Jummly Jooh (AV4) CDex - WDex Q 188.5

Bill Richardson with Rio Ecosse AY2 CDex -UDex Q 188

UD Stake Judge: Cath Chadwick

1st Lol Campbell with Call Me Chip Q 191.5 (Best Nosework)

2nd Ruth Bryant with Bordertrix Blue Suade Shoes Q 190

3rd Wendy Moore with Miss Molly Of Bishopsoil Q 188.5

CD Stake Judge: Janine Atkinson

1st Tony Fox with Westwood Cody At Foxfold Q 94

2nd Miya Guo with Mawddach Lali Q 92

3rd Bethany Davis with Fachel Wren NQ 92