Yorkshire WTS

Open Trial

West Bretton

4th – 5th April


PD Stake  Judge: Tracey Park

1st Terry Austin with Manpol Vixen  Q 310

2nd Martyn Wilcock with Murphy Magnus Lummox NQ 234


TD Stake Judge: Chris Trevor NW  Len Newman C&A

1st Margaret Robinson with Just Arran @ Trentvalley Q 217.5

2nd Andy Fox with Stardell Muscida Q 217.5

3rd Jenny Olley with Stardell Arche Q 210.5

4th Glenys Page with Littlethorn Morgan Q 207.5 

Also qualifying:

Les Allen with Tadmarton Enzo 206

Pat Parkinson with Waggerland my Shadow 206

Liz Price with Lizline Oliver Cromwell 203

Kate Payton with Astley Fleet 200.5

Yvonne Carpenter with Drac at Carfeld 197

Jacquie Hall with Little Ashan 193.5


WD Stake  Judge: Le Newman NW  Len Newman C&A

1st Diane Ellis with Diandie Summer Magic 187.5

2nd Valerie Joughin with Royal Merle of Claughton 183

3rd Ray Lea with Good Gollie Miss Molly 182.5

4th Joan Snowden with Stardell Mercury 180

Also Qualifying:

Jackie Lloyd with Littlethorn Cooper at Brooksbid 171.5

Mick Fryatt with Ask Assassino 174


UD  Judge Tom Mills NW  Len Newman C&A

1st John Shires with Anteussucht Jager 189.5

2nd Graham Reaney with Aschenar Van Gough 186

3rd Dave Olley with Elmhaus Porter 183.5

4th John Phillips with Hundescafer Caden 183.5


CD Stake  Judge: Len Newman

1st John Missin with Beesting Samba NQ 70

2nd Gill Moran with Hilingjess Grand Wills NQ 51