Poole & District Dog Training Society,

Open trial

5th - 6th February

IMG 5916 440x293TD Winner Charlie Taylor with judge Kate Peyton



(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


TD – Judge: Kate Peyton.  19 entries.    (1 Qualifier).

1st Mr. & Mrs. C. Taylor’s B.C. Glenalpine Nikki CDex-WDex 192 points.  (Handled by Charlie).

2nd Brenda Nevard with  W.S.D. I Spyda Spider CDex-WDex  118.5 points  (NQ).

3rd June Coutts with LabradorTadmarton Estelle CDex-WDex 105 points. (NQ).

4th Sue Zackheim with Crossbreed Cool Hand Flook CDex-WDex  98.5 points.  (NQ).

WD – Judge:  Le’ Newman.  10 entries  (3 qualifiers)

 MG 5894 440x293

1st Pat Herbert with B.C. Glenalpine Fen CDex UDex  191 points.  (Best nosework).

2nd Sue Ashby with W.S.D. The Zeta CDex UDex  181.5 points.

3rd Mr. & Mrs. G. Atkins’ B.C. Glenalpine Peg CDex UDex  175.5 points. (Handled by Julie).

4th Barbara Brown with W.S.D. Eva Parnassus’ Muse CDex  161 points (NQ).

UD – Judge:  Le’ Newman.  10 entries  (2 qualifiers)

1st Val Thomson’s G.S.D. Tracelyn Ashlea  185.5 points.  (Handled by Gavin Thomson).

2nd Ruth Payton with B.C. Kaliazar Chaos CDex  182 points.

IMG 5910 440x660

3rd Gary Martin with Crossbreed Onion Sargie 180 points.  (NQ) broke down stay.

4th Rosemary Turner’s G.S.D. Khamysker Roulette 175 points.  (NQ) broke down stay.

     (Handled by Mary Drewitt).   (Best nosework)

IMG 5913 440x660