1st October, 2016.

TD Ticket Winner

 MG 7101

Jane Wood with Ludgate Power ‘n’ Glory


(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


Tracking Dog Stake    Judge:  Len Newman      31 entries                 10 Qualifiers

1st Jane Wood with B.C. Ludgate Power ‘n’ Glory CDex-TDex        211 points          C.C.

     and subject to K.C. confirmation, now a Working Trials Champion  -  Congratulations

2nd Sheila Tannert with Labrador Tarnedge Wisp CDex – TDex       205 points          Reserve Ticket

3rd Margaret Robinson with W.S.D. W.T.CH. Just Arran at Trentvalley TDex             204.5 points

4th Les Allen with Labrador Tadmarton Enzo CDex – TDex                200.5 points

Also qualified TDex

Sarah Burroughs with Labrador Tarnedge Velvet CDex – TDex       200 points

Charlie Taylor handling B.C. Glenalpine Nikki CDex – TDex               200 points

Pat Parkinson with W.S.D. Waggerland My Shadow CDex – TDex  198.5 points

Chris Gregory with Golden Retriever Thriftwood Allegra CDex-TDex     197 points

Gary Atkins with B.C. W.T.Ch. Glenalpine Pete CDex – TDex            196 points

Kevin Hill with G.S.D. Joyful Jenson CDex – WDex                               193 points      


Working Dog      Judge: Val Upton          9 entries                                2 Qualifiers

1st June Coutts with Labrador Tadmarton Estelle CDex-WDex       190.5 points  Q

2nd Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. Ispyda Spider CDex-WDex             180.5 points  Q

3rd Ruth Payton wih B.C. Kaliazar Chaos CDex-WDex                          139   points  NQ

4th Angela Fields with Labrador Tarnedge Act Faith CDex-WDex   (NQ)


Utility Dog          Judge: Val Upton        16 entries                                3 qualifiers

1st Barbara Brown with W.S.D. Eva Parnassus’ Muse CDex UDex  193.5 points  Q

2nd Janet Parker with GSD Khamysker Romaya CDex                          187.5 points  Q

3rd John Turtill with B.C. Dreaganta My Corran Geala CDex UDex  186.5 points  Q

4th Mary Drewitt with GSD Khamysker Roulette                                   165    points  NQ


Companion Dog   Judge:  Gavin Thomson    11 entries                     1 qualifier

1st  Pam Clarke with W.S.D. Longhalves Summer Surprise                  81    points   Q

2nd Pam Clarke with W.S.D. Smylie Mylie                                                   85.5 points   NQ

3rd Lynn Watkins handling HWHVizsla Starshot Kaelen with Szikras 81    points   NQ

4th Lindy Lothian with B.C. Dorvale Star Crossed                                    77.5 points   NQ