3rd – 5th February, 2017


(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


T. D.  Stake - Judge:  Anne Bussey.       12 entries     NO Qualifiers

1s                  June Coutts with Labrador Tadmarton Estelle CDex-WDex                    150 points

2nd          Rosemary Turner with GSD Khamysker Kalamity Kate CDex-WDex     100 points

3rd           Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. I Spyda Spider CDex-WDex                             90 points

4th          Liz deUnger with Labrador Flintsfield Faithfull Fella CDex                         87.5 points

W.D. Stake – Judge:  Les Allen                           5 entries                                             2  QUALIFIERS

1st           Janet Parker with G.S.D. Khamysker Romaya CDex-UDex     C.O.M.    177.5 points

2nd          Lynda Levett with G.S.D. Thamespol Delta Baxter                  C.O.M.    176.5 points

3rd          Steven Osbourne with B.S.D. Mal. Avonwolf Albert Sid CDex                138  points

4th           Sandra Jones with W.S.D. Bricklehampton Bess CDex                              

U.D. Stake – Judge:  Les Allen                         12 entries                                            2 QUALIFIERS

1st           Hannah Hyslop with B.S.D. Mal. Bonvivant Inspire                  C.O.M.   184.5 points

2nd        Catrina Heal with G.S.D. Dejaga Cuba                                        C.O.M.   178.5 points

3rd           Lynne Watkins with H.W.H.V. Starshot Kaelin with Szikras                     139.5 points

4th           Richard Aplin with G.S.D. Khamysker Rosamund                                        133.5 points

Grateful thanks to Val and Gavin Thomson for managing this trial for the first time and also to our judges and everyone who helped in any way.

A pair of Green Wellingtons have been left behind – please contact Val or Gavin.