Poole & District

Open Trial


(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


TD Stake

Judge: John Simpson

7 entries, 6 ran, 1 qualifier.

1st June Coutts with Labrador Tadmarton Estelle CDex-WDex 189 points Q
2nd Lynda Levett with GSD Thamespol Delta Baxter CDex-WDex 147 points NQ
3rd Sandra Hainm wih WSD Bricklehampton Bess CDex-WDex NQ
4th Hannah Hyslop with Mali Bonvivant Inspire CDex UDex NQ


WD Stake 

Judge:   Joyce Tibbetts     
7 entries     5 ran

1st          Liz Hickman with GSD Wolfhart Tamarisk CDex UDex NQ
2nd        Alison Robertson with GSD Forguecroft Midnight Folly CDex UDex    NQ


UD Stake

Judge: Joyce Tibbetts

3 entries, 2 ran - 1 qualifier

1st Pam Clarke with WSD Longhalves Summer Surprise CDex 178 points Q
2nd Janie Swanston-Murphy with GSD Saxon Legend Taranis NQ