New Forest Working Trials Club

Championship Trial

TD Winner

TDwinnerPhoto kindly supplied by Rosemary Turner

Pat Herbert with W.T.CH. Glenalpine Fen          


Results so Far

(kindly supplied by Melvin Drewitt and Rosemary Turner)

TD Stake      Judge:  Moira Rogerson        27 entries           3 Qualifiers

1st           Pat Herbert with Border Collie W.T.CH. Glenalpine Fen CDex-TDex   210.5 points   C.C.

2nd          Diane Ling with Crossbreed Little Deben Joe  CDex – TDex                    208.5 points   Res. C.C.

3rd           Charlie Taylor with Border Collie Glenalpine Nikki CDex – TDex         206.5 points

4th           Sarah Burroughes with Labrador Tarnedge Velvet CDex – TDex          199.5 points   NQ


WD Stake  -  Judge: Glenys Page.  7 entries.  1 Qualifier

1st           Sarah Burroughs with Labrador Tarnedge Hobby CDex-WDex    162.5 points       Q


2nd          Jane Clarke with Labrador Pollgina Martez Major CDex-UDex    149 points          NQ

3rd           John Turtill with B.C. Dreaganta My Corran Geala  CDex UDex                                   NQ

4th           Lynda Levett with G.S.D. Thamespol Delta Baxter CDex-WDex                                  NQ


UD   Stake.    Judge:  Glenys Page.     5 entries    1 Qualifier

1st          Sam McGrath with G.S.,D. Tracelyn Token CDex                               196.5 points       Q

UD Winner

2nd        Janette Hickson with B.C. Rosmarinus Calligrapher CDex              189.5 points       NQ

3rd         Susan Rance with G.S.D. Otto Delta                                                        122 points          NQ


CD Stake              Judge:  Mary Prentice    5 entries       1 Qualifier

1st           Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. I'll Trya Beetle                                          83.5 points         Q.

CDWinner 400x600

2nd        Stella Smyth with A.C.D. Morrow Forever in Blue Jeans                 72.5 points         NQ

3rd         L. Lothian with B.C. Dorvale Star Crossed                                             70.5 points         NQ

4th         Stella Smyth handling A.C.D. Goolara Elvenstar                                 62 points             NQ