Open Trial

18th/19th January, 2019.



(Kindly sent in by Rosemary Turner)


TD STAKE             JUDGE:    Elizabeth deUnger       6 entries              2 qualifiers

1st           June Coutts with LabradorTadmarton Estelle CDex - WDex            194.5 points   C.o.M.

2nd          John Fitzpatrick with BSD Mali    Threenines Misspoken   CDex-- WDex     194 points  C.o.M.

3rd           Lynda Levett with G.S.D. Thamespol Delta Baxter CDex – WDex   183.5 points

4th           Tim Cooper with Labrador Gloster Nighthawk CDex – UDex           121.5 points

WD STAKE           JUDGE:   Mary Prentice                 4 entries              l qualifier

1st           Priscilla Bauyliss with W.S.D. Bethan Blue of Kingscote                    173 points  C.o.M.

2nd          Janette Hickson with B.C. Rosmarinus Calligrapher CDex-UDex  167 points

3rd           Liz Hickman with G.S.D. Wolfhart Tamarisk CDex-UDex                   161 points

4th           Sue Main with B.C. Astra Tarn CDex-UDex                                            90 points

UD STAKE            JUDGE:   Rosemary Turner           4 entries (1 absent)        1 qualifier

1st           Lin Blake with Collie Cross Jog on Jake  CDex                        164.5 points  C.o.M.

2nd          Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. I’ll Trya Beetle CDex                166.5 points

3rd           Gavin Thomson handling G.S.D. Aniwahyas Kohana          137 points