Poole & District Dog Training Society

Open Trial
6th and 7th March, 2015.

(Photo's by Rosemary Turner)


TD Judge: Gavin Thomson. Entries 12. (1 Qualifier)

1st Angela Fields with Labrador Tarnedge Act of Faith CDex UDex 191.5 pts. (Q)

 MG 4883
2nd Brenda Nevard with W.S.D. I Spyda Spider CDex-WDex 180.5 pts. (NQ)
3rd Christine Brooksby with B.C. Ravensbrook Maid CDex-WDex 162.5 pts. (NQ)
4th Les Allen with Labrador Tadmarton Enzo CDex – WDex 144.5 pts. (NQ)


WD Judge: Kate Peyton. Entries 3 (1 absent) ( 1 Qualifier)

1st June Coutts with Labrador Tadmarton Estelle CDex UDex 182 pts. (Q)

 MG 4886
2nd Rosemary Turner with Labrador Malteser Mary CDex-WDex 106.5 pts. (NQ)


UD Judge: Kate Peyton. Entries 7. (1 Qualifier)

1st Ursula Furter with Malinois Asaldo Diamond Sky Lucy at Avonwolf 184 pts. (Q)

 MG 4865
2nd Anni Martin with Working Cocker Chocolate Pudding 160 pts. (NQ)
3rd Angela Sanders with Crossbreed Miss Szuzi to Szikra 130.5 pts. (NQ)
4th Barbara Brown with W.S.D. Eva Parnassus’ Muse 118.5 pts (NQ)