2021 Kennel Club Championships

Hosted by

Yorkshire Working Trials Society

KCC Winners 1114x900



(kindly sent in by Dave Craven)

TD Stake, Judge: Mike Williams

Pat Herbert &with WTCh Glenalpine Fen, Cdex- Tdex. 195.5

Reserve Ticket. Chris Theobald with Beverton Nan, Cdex- Tdex. 195

3rd, Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Hobby, Cdex- Tdex. 

4th, Julie Atkins WtCh Glenalpine Peg Cdex- Tdex. 


PD Stake, Judge: John Wykes  

1st Jo Quick with Falkenwald High Places, Cdex- Tdex, PDex. 285

Reserve Ticket, David Clark with Blade of the Glade, Cdex - Tdex, PDex. 274


TD Score sheet

PD Score Sheet

TD Stake Judges Report

PD Stake Judges Report

Trial Managers Report

TD Control Photos

(Photos kindly sent in by John Turtill)

PD Control & Patrol

(Photos kindly sent in by John Turtill)