Championship Trial
Trial Held: 23 October 2021
TD Stake

TD Stake 

12 entries,  9 ran, 2 qualified.


Judge: Mike Williams

Tracklayers: [Thursday] Chris Trevor, Tom Mills, Malc Snowden

                      [Friday] Tom Mills, Malc Snowden

                      [Saturday] Tom Mills

Square and C/A Steward: Joan Snowden

Land Manager: Jeff Margreaves

Track Watchers: Janine Atikinson, Brian and Glenys Page

Catering Team: Ruth, Helen, Lis, Linda


I would like to start by thanking the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the TD Stake at the Kennel Club Working Trial Championships 2021.  Many thanks to all the societies who voted for me, it's an honour to have been chosen. A very special Thank You to the Trials Manager Dave Craven and his very supportive team of  Yorkshire Working Trials. You staged an excellent Trial.

Dianne Ellis on reception, ran the base perfectly, ably assisted by Cath Chadwick. The catering “team” made sure we didn’t go hungry during the day with a varied menu and a lot of cake!

Tracking was all on one large field of stubble. The weather for the two days of tracking was dry with, on occasions, strong gusts of wind moderating as the days progressed. The tracking plots had been laid out  with consideration to the spectators who were all afforded a good view of the competitors working their dogs.

The track pattern had been “rehearsed” by all the tracklayers in advance of the trial, needless to say all tracks were laid perfectly. Thank you Chris, Tom and Malc, great job. Special thanks to Tom who laid run off tracks, just in case, on Saturday.

KCCs TD Track

A very special thank you to Joan Snowden who reliably laid all of the squares, and then put everyone at ease whilst stewarding the C&A on Saturday.

KCCs Square TD

The C&A took place on the cricket pitch back at the base. Ideal for spectators,  but a little restrictive for S/A’s. Control began with the speak, dogs were left tethered behind a wind break screen positioned to the side of the pavilion and with the handler 20m away asked for 10 barks. On the whole completed quite well. Heel work followed, as did one or two dogs whilst under test!  There were only two dogs with 5’s. The S/A was approx 80m’s to a post and rail fence [3] Recall and stop within a designated area then redirect right another 80m’s to a small bench [3] Handlers were then asked to redirect left 50m’s to another small bench taking care not to pass behind the sight screens [4] The second redirect proved a little troublesome for a few dogs. The agility followed with the down stay to finish.

On reflection I feel a few teams were lacking a little of the “competitive edge” required at this level. This could be attributed to the Covid constraints we have all had to endure over the passed 18 months or so, but at the end of the day, by the closest of margins, I had a very worthy winner.

1st Pat Herbert with WTCh Glenalpine Fen CDEx-TDEx [Fen] BC  195.5

[87.5, 20, 35, 33, 20] Fen worked hard to complete the track, a beautifully worked square completed in 2 minutes, steady control round, excellent jumps well deserved win. A very special dog, she is a credit to you Pat.

2nd Chris Theobald with Beverton Nan CDEx-TDEx [Ty] BC 195

[83, 30, 32, 30.5, 20] Ty also worked hard to complete the track, good square, nice C/A round, pushed Fen all the way, Ty has a very promising future.

3rd Sarah Burroughes with Tarnedge Hobby CDEx-TDEx [Della] Lab 149 NQ.

[81.5, 30, 5, 15.5, 17] Della put so much into completing her track she had nothing left for the square. You have a lovely dog Sarah.

4th Julie Atkins with WTCh Glenalpine Peg CDEx-TDEx [Peg] BC 136.5 NQ.

[69, 0, 34, 33.5, 0] Peg was tracking well until Julie intervened! Best S/A. Have a long and happy retirement Peg.

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