Teach Your Dog To Want To Stay

Stay Booklet
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Teach your dog to want to stay

by Anne Bussey


  • A step by step guide to perfect stays

  • Suitable for training puppies

  • A must for all competition dogs

  • The solution for dogs with a stay problem

This the first in a new series of Dog Training Booklets by Anne Bussey

This new method conditions your dog to want to stay by clearly explaining to your dog what is required and then rewarding your dog for getting it right. Unlike the more traditionally practiced method of teaching the stay exercise which admonishes the dog for getting it wrong.

Anne expertly guides you step by step through all the stages needed to teach your dog a reliable stay, clearly illustrated with colour photographs.

If you wish to train without causing conflict  and embrace reward based training then this method is the way forward.
Anne is a well-known dog training instructor with over 40 years’ experience who has competed at top level in both competitive Obedience and Working Trials for many years. She was awarded the Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at The University of Southampton in 1999 and gained her Master of Science Degree in 2000.

28 Page colour booklet with 28 colour photos.



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