Midland Counties GSDA

Open Trial

26th - 28th April 2024


(kindly sent in by Gary Martin)


TD Stake

Judge Julia Findeisen

1st Pat Herbert with Trim's Trim – Border Collie Dog. Q CoM on 210

2nd Rosemary Smyth with Tiggy Dont Dig – Cross Breed Dog. Q CoM on 208.5

3rd Karen Bexon with Fly By Jet Lad – WSD Dog. Q CoM on 208

4th Andrea Lynd with Ellswinder Queen Susan - Labrador Bitch. Q CoM on 203

Also Qualified

Zoe Andrews with Tarnedge Colt - Labrador Bitch. Q CoM on 198

Lol Campbell with Call me Chip - WSD Dog.  Q CoM on 197.5

Pat Antrobus with Trisant Aneira – Cocker Spaniel Bitch. Q CoM on 195.5

Joan Snowden with Stardell Kari – Border Collie Bitch. Q CoM on 191

Dave Stewart with Stardell Casia  - Border Collie Bitch. Q CoM on 184

WD Stake

Judge John Wykes

1st Elaine Boyd with Xandras Skye Dream – WSD Dog. Q CoM on 182.5

2nd Samantha Watkins with Stardell Nix – Border Collie Dog.  Q CoM on 178.5

3rd Wendy Beasley with Stardell Zola – Border Collie Bitch.

4th Barbara Bell with Laurinco Red Tornado- Labrador Dog.

UD Stake

Judge Kev Bryan

1st Jenny Lawrence with Callohase Arlo – Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Dog. Q CoM 169

2nd Malcolm Snowden with Stardell Leo – Border Collie Dog.

3rd Tony Gelsthorpe with Fenton Gold Pink Pipit- Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Bitch.

4th Jeny Miller with Mr Bertie Bear – Cross Breed Dog.