Yorkshire WTS

Championship Trial


TD Winner

beeford winner

Jayne Lewis  with  WT CH Littlemiss Rhystonwren 


(kindly supplied by Jeff Margreaves)

TDex Judge: Gary Martin

1st place  WT CH Littlemiss Rhystonwren - BC - Qualifying 184 - best nosework - handler Jayne Lewis 

2nd place  Briony Beccadoon CDex-TDex - x - NQ 133.5 -handler Judith Stamp 

WDex  Judge: Rita Kidson 

1st place Lady Lyra - x - Qualifying 196 handler Michael Loughran 

2nd place Tee Tee Teasel CDex UDex - BC - Qualifying 195.5 handler Shirley Simpson 

3rd place Janjelly Toby CDex UDex - x - Qualifying 162.5 handler Dave Stretch 

4th place  Woofharts Orchid CDex to WDex - GSD - NQ 158 handler Jill Carruthers 

UDex  Judge: Dave Craven

1st place Cockleys Brislen Lennie CDex -WSD - Qualifying 186.5 handler Roseanne Leatham - Best Nosework 

2nd place Xandras Skye Dream CDex -WSD - Qualifying 170 handler Elaine Boyd 

3rd place Ceri Fach Ap Concenn CDex - Welsh Sherpdog - NQ 168 handler Dave Stretch 

CDex  Judge:  Holly Right 

1st place  Tarnedge Fly Boy - Labrador- Qualifying 98.5 handler Gary Haim