SWTS was started in September 1969 by a group of working trials enthusiasts to promote training and competition within the sport. A number of rallies and training ventures took place throughout Scotland.

In time, tracking rallies became Open trials. The first Open trial was in September 1971 at Lauder, three stakes were on offer, these being CD, UD and WD. The following year we held two trials, including our first Championship PD trial. Later we alternated between PD and TD Championships and over time, along with the ticket stake, CD, UD, WD, Veteran and Introductory Stakes were on offer.

Currently we run 2 Open trials, 1 PD Championship and 1 TD Championship trial.

In 2017 we are introducing a Special Fun Stake at our Championship trials which will replace Veteran and Introductory. This will include nosework and control (but no jumps, stays or gun) and thus be suitable for young and older dogs. 

The months and locations of our trials are –

May: Championship trial held at Lauder, Berwickshire   Special Fun stake, CD, UD, WD, PD stakes

June: Open trial held at Inchnabobart, Ballater    CD, UD, WD, TD stakes

August/Sept: Championship trial held at Lauder, Berwickshire   Special Fun stake, CD, UD, WD, TD stakes

October: Open trial held at MacMerry, East Lothian    CD, UD, WD, TD, PD stakes

We have a committee of working trial enthusiasts who meet several times of year and we rely on volunteers to organise and help at trials.  

We also run training days for members when we can – they tend to be dotted about Scotland depending on where land is available and a willing organiser. 

Details of training days, up and coming trials and other messages can usually be found on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in working trials in Scotland, come along to a trial and meet us or get in touch via Facebook or by contacting the Membership Secretary or Secretary, details below.

SWTS membership Secretary – Ann Bedford Tel: 07815 872048

SWTS Secretary – Shirley Windsor,  Tel: 01324 713128

 (SWTS membership form available to download here)

Other Scottish trials

Two other Societies run trials in Scotland –

ASPADS  (Associated Sheep, Police and Army Dog Society)  (Dundee Branch) run 3 trials in Scotland per year. ASPADS are the largest UK society and also run numerous trials in England. 

February: Open trial at Kirkton of Auchterhouse, near Dundee    CD, UD, WD, TD stakes

November: Championship trial at Kirkton of Auchterhouse, near Dundee CD, UD, WD, TD stakes

December: Open trial at Tilmouth, Scottish Borders CD, UD and Veteran stakes

 ASPADS (Dundee Branch) also usually run a more informal tracking rally (October) and sometimes a control and agility day during the year (August).

SKC  (Scottish Kennel Club) run 3 trials per year.  SKC also caters for all aspects of dog ownership and covers shows, agility, obedience and breeding, amongst other topics.

September:  Open trial at Kelso.  CD, UD

October: Open trial at Muthill, Crieff    CD,  WD, TD stakes

December: Championship trial at Lauder CD, UD, WD, TD stakes

Contact details for these societies can be found on Working Trials Info website.

Trials are run almost every weekend (and weekdays) of the year throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland (Irish rules differ).

Details of these trials are published in The Working Trials Info website and magazine. They include articles, trial and judges’ reports and other information as well as details of all the trials being held throughout the year and the societies running them. Schedules and entry forms can be downloaded. There are also books and training equipment for sale.

Working Trials related Facebook pages can be a great source of information and are worth joining.

Whilst some dog breed books include a section on working trials, there are also books and videos solely for working trials. These include ‘A beginner’s guide to working trials by Wendy Beasley’ and are usually available from Amazon and the Working Trials Info.

Any breed of dog, including non-pedigree can compete in working trials however the dog must be registered with the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club also sells the most recent Regulation Booklet (Working Trials), which states all the rules for working trials, including descriptions of the exercises.

Further details can be obtained at www.the-kennel-club.org.uk or   The Kennel Club, 1 Clarges Street
London, W1J 8AB Telephone: 0870 606 6750  

SWTS Events

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