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Stake: CD


Steward: Belinda Spensley

I would like to thank ICENI for asking me to judge their CD stake.  To be able to drive just 20 minutes up the road for a judging appointment was great.  Thank you to Belinda for putting all my competitors at ease with your clear instructions and happy manner.  Thank you all for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

6 entered 5 ran

1st           Sandra Wright with FLEECE WHISPERIN IN THE MIST, WSD, B, 89.5, Q.  Fleece did a lovely round, testing Sandra’s nerve in the recall, but the rest of the round was lovely.  Congratulations.

2nd         Kate Wykes with DREAGANTA XARYS’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, BC, B, 87.5, Q.  Star was a joy to watch; a lovely square and control round.  Well done on your qualification.

3rd          Sue Cunningham with KNAVES TOFFEE TEASEL, Podesco, B, 81.5, Q.  It’s always lovely to watch other breeds of dogs compete in Working Trials and Toffee was no exception – she flew over the jumps with ease.  Well done.

4th          T A Palmer with SIEBENBAUM SENTINEL, GSD, D, NQ.  Benson did super nosework and control round - hardly losing any points – just the jumps let you down today; once you get those sorted you will be on your way up through the stakes.


Stakes: UD and WD


My thanks to ICENI DTC for the opportunity to judge both UD and WD stakes.  Also to Alan and Sandra Wright, who undertook the trials manager position together.

Special thanks to my tracklayers, Jane Clarke and Mike Williams, for 2 days on WD and 1 day on UD, not to mention marking out the all the fields on the Wednesday prior.  Then on the last day of UD, Dave Self and my husband, Len.

On to my search and scribe stewards, Sandra Wright 2 days on WD, Colin Ball first day of UD, and then Rowena Plumb was ‘blooded’ in on the last day.  All of you were brilliant!  And great company - thank you.

Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for looking after the inner me and lastly, the farmers who so kindly gave us the use of their land.

Which brings me to explain why my articles may have appeared on the large size and the track patterns not too challenging!! Originally both stakes were to be on 3 to 4-inch rape, but it got too long so on the Sunday before the trial I was told we were on rolled stubble.  The day before WD started, we went to check the land, only to find it had been ploughed!!  We ended up sharing with TD on very sparse wheat!  In the meantime, Colin found some new quite lush fields for UD close to the base.  Panic over!


UD Stake:

Tracklayers: Jane Clarke, Mike Williams, Dave Self and Len Newman

Stewards: Colin Ball and Rowena Plumb

Here we were lucky enough to be tracking on a good growth of crop and only lost 2 competitors.  A good standard of C/A from some very experienced handlers out with their young dogs, but everyone had a crack at it, even if Darcy earned his nick-name of Arcy on the day!!  Keep at it, Jacky, he’s a lovely boy!!

Iceni UD tracks

1st           Margo Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, Cross, D, 194.5, Q (Best nosework).  Super track and a fabulous round.  A pleasure to watch.

2nd         Adrian Quick with MIDDLEANN DREAM MAKER, GSD, D, 192.5, Q.  So well handled by Adrian, only lost 1 mark in the C/A.

3rd          Sue Ashby with THE ZETA, WSD B, 191.5, Q.  Another handler showing her experience with a young dog - well done.

4th          Diane Ling with LITTLE DEBEN JOE, Cross, D, 189.5, Q.  Wow!  What a difficult dog to handle!  Di, you did so well!

Also qualifying UDEx:

Lee Kane with STORMHAUS DASCHA, Rot, B, 180.5

Jill Kevis with BUMBLERIDGE’S NIGHTSTAR, Beardie, D, 178

Reg Saker with VONLUCIANHAN ALLIANCE, Belgian Shepherd, B, 177.5

Polly Thomas with POLLGINA DENNIS SPARKIE, Lab, D, 168


WD Stake:

Tracklayers: Jane Clarke and Mike Williams

Steward: Sandra Wright

We were tracking on very sparse wheat, which isn’t easy, but we didn’t lose many and saw some really good tracks.  But sadly the control and agility stopped a few from qualifying.  The standard of jumping was not good and a couple went out on the stays.

IceniWD tracks

1st           Mike Woods with JOTUNHEIM JIGSAW, Malinois, B, 188.5, Q.  Beautiful control round, a worthy winner

2nd         Sue Cunningham with NOSE TO TAIL JAX, Cross, D, 181.5, Q.  Another good control round, full mark jumps

3rd          Stan Ford with VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD, GSD D, 173, NQ (Best nosework).  Fabulous dog, deserved to qualify but let dad down with his stay.

4th          Pete Ross, handling for Pam Davis, with MEADLE BLACKTHORN, GSD, D, 172.5, NQ.  What a shame, Pete, Jack just couldn’t manage the jumps today.

To all those who didn’t qualify, remember there is always another trial, so keep smiling; and thank you every one for accepting my decisions.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Len Newman - three days, Sandra and Mark Lewindon - four days.  Mark also laid three run off tracks on Sunday

Search stewards: Jill Kevis and Dave Self, who helped for two days each

Scribe for C/A: Sandra Lewindon

 I would like to say thank you to Iceni club for the invitation to judge their Ticket this year; I had a great time no matter what the weather!  We had rain, strong winds, sunshine and lots of fog on Sunday for the C/A!

A very big "thank you" must go to Len, Mark and Sandra, laying tracks at times in very difficult conditions, wellies/boots clogged in thick mud - you walked miles, giving the competitors the best chance by laying very accurate tracks.

Also thanks must go to Dave and Jill, very successful search stewards with 100% success – yippee, you are both brilliant.

The ladies in the kitchen are wonderful; many thanks for the lovely food sent out to the fields and to the people who donated the beautiful cakes - wow!

1st           FAR CANAL FOSTER, Cross, D, with John Simpson, 212.5.  Foster won the best nosework, gaining 3 and 4. Track 97.5 and square 34, with very good control, 31.5, and agility, 19.5, confirming this very popular win.  Many congratulations, John and Foster - on this performance the second ticket can’t be far away.

2nd         WTCh TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, B, with Mike Williams, 211.  Tara worked well on the track even though she did not find it easy, gained 3 and 4.  Track 92.5 and square 34, she produced the best C/A round, 34.5 and 20 - only lost 0.5 on the S/A, no wonder she is a WTCh.  Congratulations, Mike and Tara.

3rd          ASTLEY FLEET, BC, D, with Kate Peyton, 208.  Fleet worked a solid track, very determined to sort it out, gaining 3 and 4.  Track 94.5 and square 34, with a super control round of 32.5 and 17 agility.  Congratulations, Kate and Fleet

4th          MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, B, with Mike Williams, 207.  Marina made the tracking look so easy; she is brilliant, gaining 3 and 4, track 97 and square 34, and another very good control round of 31.5 and 15 agility.  She certainly gives you her best, Mike - congratulations to you both.

KAEFFER KAL, WSD, B, with Sheren Perez, 205.5

STARDELL ALYA, BC, B, with Suzanna Hough, 204.5

LITTLE MICA, Cross, B, with Vic Snook, 195 

DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, D, with Sue Jones, 194.5

LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, BC, D, with Barrie James, 185.5

GARRETTHALL REBUS, Lab, D, with Colin Ball, 182 

SKYE`S OVER THE TOP WSD, B. with Jane Clarke, 178.5

Final thanks must go to the competitors; it is always a pleasure to watch your dogs working.  They give you their all and you all went home with the best dog, qualifying or not.

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