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Trial Held: 19 August 2003


L must be doing something right as notl1ing went wrong this year - mainly thanks to my usual , brilliant team of helpers. We had decided to run an additional tracking stake this year, having anticipated a low entry in P.D. We were proved correct with only 3 entries, but U.D. more than made up for it with 16 entries. PD, WD and CD were all on grass and UD was on slightly grown through stubble. We had rather more cancellations this year than previously, mainly due to the continued hot weather. As it turned out, the temperatures reduced as the weekend went on and from what I saw every handler had come prepared to shield their dogs from the worst of the heat.

0pecial thanks as always to our Farmers, without whose continued support we would not be able to run the trial. To my four judges Ron Jaques, Wendy and Andy Magyar and Pat Herbert - two of whom were first-time judges. l think they all did a great job - and all the competitors who I spoke to complimented them on their friendly approach and well thought out tests. You were all great company. I know all the judges have thanked their own team of helpers, but I would like to make special mention of the work put in by Ruth Cahill, behind the scenes and who was on standby in case I wasn't well enough to do the job. Thank you Ruth . To Caroline and Linda who organised the land and dealt with our Farmers. To Marney who volunteered to so the kitchen and did a marvelous job - she makes a mean bacon butty, and to Clarkey for doing the printing. See you all in February for the Championship.





Steward: Anne Thorpe

Thank you to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge, and thank you to Lindsey Poole and all her helpers for running a successful trial. Thank you to Anne for stewarding for me and keeping me under control. 7 dogs entered, 6 worked, l qualified. The jumps seemed to be the main problem other­ wise the standard of work was good.

1st   LAETARE JYOTI MAN (BC) 82. 5 CoM. Nicely handled by Carol Clayton. Well done.

2nd   MlDSUMMER EVE (WSD) 84.5 NQ. Handled by Phillipa Coggins. Shame about the jumps as the rest of the work was excellent.

3rd         MARLISH CAMEO OF GREUSENBURG (GSD) 77.5 NQ. Handled by 'G' Davis. Again the jumps were a problem .

4th         ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI (Lge Munsterlander) 75 NQ. Handled by Maragret Gatland. Again it was the jumps.




Tracklayers: Linda Reynolds & Caroline Morton

Steward: Sheila Watts

Thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the UD stake. I would like to congratulate Lindsey Poole and Ruth Cahill for running a superb Trial. The company I was in was first class and they even organised the weather (I am now peeling) Thanks also go to Caroline Morton and Linda Reynolds for organising the land, and to Marney - you did wonders in your marvellous kitchen, you fed and watered us well.

My tracklayers Caroline Morton (1 day) and Linda Reynolds (2 days). Thank you very much, you laid the tracks perfectly. 14 dogs entered, 8 ran and 6 qualified.

Last but by no means least a big thank you to Sheila Watts, not only did Sheila steward the control , lay the squares, kept me company, woke me up after our siesta (wink, wink) she also allowed us to stay in her house. Thank you Sheila.

1st   M Edge with WSD TILLY. What a dog. On nosework the handler was very nervous but the dog came through and got Mum to the end with both articles. 85.5+20+34. With a good control round, 188 total. Well done. Cl eared the square in 1 min 48 sees -33.5+15.

2nd  S Stevens with WSD SKIFFLE. Good track, 4 out of the square 87. 5+20+29. Good control round, 31.5+19. 1 86.5 total.

3rd         C Cl ayton with WSD JAKE. What a track, only lost 1 point. 89+10+3 1. An other good control round 32.5+17.5. 181 total.

4th         C Harrison w ith WSD NINA. After a sticky start to the track Nina shined on the second half, 77+20+32. Good control \ 32+ 19. 180 total.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

Y Fearon with LEXI , 168.5 total.

M Millington with RIBIT. 172 total.




Trackla yers: Julie Atkins, Ruth Cahill & Ann Clarke

Steward: Gary Atkins

This may have only been a small trial , but it's definitely the friendliest I've been to, and I would like to thank the Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the WD stake. It was a super weekend and the pleasure was all mine, good weather, good land, good food and definitely good company.

Thanks to Lindsey Poole who did an excellent job as Trials Manager and ensured the smooth running of the whole event. Thanks also to Ruth Cahill who also put a lot of work in behind the scenes. Linda Reynolds and Caroline Morton did a super job finding excellent tracking land, long lush grass, and l don't think competitors could have asked for anything better. Thanks you to you both. Marney Well's marvelous kitchen (with one 'L') kept us fed and watered. Thank you Marney.

To my tracklayers Julie, Ruth and Ann, a big thank you, you gave every competitor a fair chance. The tracks were laid excellently. To my steward, Gary, what can l say, professionalism shows when he's work in g his dog, judging or stewarding. Thank you for all your hard work over the three days. Gary laid all the squares, fired the gun, stewarded the control round, carried all the bags and managed to keep handlers an d dogs in order and even me at times! I thoroughly enjoyed your company over the three very hot days.

Sheila Watts kindly put Andy and l up. Thank you Sheila for welcoming us in to your lovely home and for showing us the local dog walks, it was much appreciated.

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me, I enjoyed watching your dogs work. There were 21 entries, 1 5 worked with 6 qualifying.

1st   Dean   Woodcock  handling THING HILL CROESUS 'Glen' (GSD) D. 1 86. This team did a super nosework round in the mid-day heat. Well done.

2nd   Phillipa Fearns handling MORGANA MOJALLA 'Tia' (Weim) B. 1 84.5. Another very good nosework round. Good luck in Championship.

3rd         John Wykes handling FLYNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE 'Jaff (BC) D. 1 83. A very professional control round resulted in full marks. Unfortunately Jaff had other things on his mind whist working the square otherwise this team would have taken first place easily. A team to watch out for.

4th   Alan Heatley handling AUDI FAX PANDER 'Reb' (GSD) D. 1 82. Another good nosework round. Well done and Good luck in Championship.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

Lorna East, WAGGERLAND QUAVER (WSD) D. 1 71.5.

Jean Howells, GLEN APLTN E J ED (BC) D. 1 7 1.



Judge: RON JAQUES Tracklayer: Ruth Cahill

Steward: Paula Bridge

Thanks to the Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge. Thanks to Lindsey for running a brilliant trial in lovely surroundings and to all her helpers. The weather was lovely, conditions perfect - lush green grass for tracking. Three dogs entered , two ran.

Thanks to Ruth Cahill for laying both tracks and also doing the run through for the patrol round. Thanks to the criminals John Wykes, Andy Magyar, Maurice Millington and Charlie Taylor, also to Caroline Morton for doing run through. Also to Paula for stewarding the C & A, laying squares and stewarding the patrol round for the first time, thank you all very much.

1st   Adrian Quick (GSD) ZA c. 224.5. Well done, qualified the C & A and nose­ work, Zac's first time out in PD.

2nd   Colin Turner (GSD) JEE, 205. Also Jee's first time in PD. Good luck to you both in future.

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